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Join Pierce as he interviews Ken Haton, Co-founder of Ninja Cards who appeared on Shark Tank Season Six, Episode Three. Listen for a special appearance by Steve Hayes recapping how Pierce and Lesa bought Ninja Cards for Steve’s son Justin for Christmas. See the replaying of that Episode on January 23rd, 2015.

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You can contact Pierce and Steve or comment by going to the “About Page”.  Or Call and leave a question or audio feedback at 615-59-COACH or 615-592-6224.

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“The Sales Moment; Issue #210″

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Based on our personality wiring some people are born with a cheery disposition while others seem to naturally expect the worst.Eeyore

Some of the more famous characters that see the glass half empty were Eeyore, Charlie Brown, George Costanza, Larry David, Archie Bunker and we can’t forget Chicken Little.

You may be asking yourself: if this is a part of my wiring, is it possible to change? Yes you can. Even though you may have to continually fight the voice in your head you can change your attitude, the way you talk and have a positive influence on your personal life and the way you are perceived by others.

Even if you are an optimistic person, there is one thing for sure, if you leave it to chance your attitude and outlook will decline over time. In other words, we have to make a concerted effort to infuse daily deposits of positive and limit the negative information we allow in our mind.

Here are 10 ways I stay optimistic:

  1. Faith and Prayer: Just like the pilot in the raft, I value my faith as a way to remain hopeful and encouraged.
  2. Past Victories: When I am feeling down, it helps to recall times when I have overcome obstacles in my past. My belief level rises as I reflect on those past wins.
  3. Exercise and Sleep: Working up a good sweat, eating right and getting a good nights rest is vital to maintaining a positive perspective. Without it I get cranky like an old bear.
  4. Be Grateful: We all have things we can be grateful for. Focus on those things and it will brighten your day.
  5. Watch Your Words: I am careful about the words I use. I know many people who speak the gloom and doom they expect and unfortunately it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  6. Serve: Spend time helping someone and giving back. It will make you feel thankful and humbled.
  7. Association: Choose your friends carefully. It is easier to join a negative conversation than turn the existing conversation into a positive one. Find people who have or are seeking the life you want.
  8. Journal: Before you go to sleep each night, write down three positive things that happened that day.
  9. Listen: Most pessimists I meet talk more than they listen. Take the time to really hear someone else’s perspective.
  10. Smile: It is hard to be negative when you are smiling. Plus, other people will be drawn to you. Frowning has the opposite effect.

Bonus: I minimize the amount of news and political banter I hear by avoiding TV and Radio broadcasts. I choose to listen to music, podcasts and comedy.

I saw an old friend in the grocery yesterday and I was surprised to hear that he had been diagnosed with an aneurism, blood clots and a malignant tumor on his kidney all within a matter of weeks. One of his friends told him, “Man, you have had a string of bad luck!” My friend responded, “No, I have had a string of good luck. I made it to the emergency room on time and there just happened to be a doctor available that could rush me to surgery immediately for the aneurism. Then they found the blood clots and tumor and I am alive today. That sounds like good luck to me.”

Having an optimistic attitude is good for your health, your relationships and will help you have the best life possible.

It’s a matter of perspective.

Have a great week!

“The Sales Moment; Issue #209″

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We all have people in our life who tend to see the world through a half empty glass. An intervention will usually result in a rebuttal of how pessimists are just being real.Unbroken

Some may say that you don’t have a choice. You were either born with a positive, hopeful outlook or born to expect the worst.

“Pessimism: A tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future. ~ Oxford Dictionary”

Could pessimism cost you your life? I believe it can.

This is a story of three men who survived a plane crash into the Pacific Ocean in 1943 during World War II. The pilot suffered a severe head injury; the bombardier broke most of his ribs while trying to break free of the plane. The third survivor, a tail gunner suffered no injuries and made it to the life raft unscathed.

The pilot depended on his Christian faith and held out hope for rescue by singing hymns and praying. The bombardier was an overcomer who had lived a tough life and believed in his ability to survive. Shortly after the three men were safe in the raft, the tail gunner began to panic and screamed that they were going to die. He maintained his dour attitude without relenting.

While all three men were living under the same conditions. The same amount of water and the same amount of food, two of the three men continued to have hope. One did not.

In spite of being in the healthiest state physically the day of the crash, thirty-three days later, the tail gunner passed away. The pilot and bombardier went on to be rescued from the sea after forty-seven days adrift in the Pacific Ocean and traveling over two thousand miles.

Louis Zamperini and Phil Phillips survived the plane crash, forty-seven days in a raft at sea, two and one half years in POW camps, and returned home to their families after the war. Mac McNamara did not.

“Though all three men faced the same hardship, their differing perceptions of it appeared to be shaping their fates. Louie and Phil’s optimism and Mac’s hopelessness were becoming self-fulfilling.” ~ Excerpt from Unbroken; A World War II story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption

You may say, I am just a realist but it could cost you your health, relationships and prevent you from having your best life possible.

Click here to read what I believe are the 10 Habits That Will Help You Have An Optimistic Attitude.

Have a great week!