“The Sales Moment; Issue #223″

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If you are in sales or own a business, it is inevitable; you will lose to the competition. It is disappointing and frustrating but understanding why it happened can be valuable information on how to win them back.Uomo in ufficio disperato

I have experienced this several times in my thirty plus years in sales. Many times I have been successful in winning my customer back…sometimes not. Regardless, I always learn from the experience.

Recently, I presented a solution to a good customer and I did everything right from start to finish and he was preparing the contract. At the last minute, the owners in Japan decided they wanted to go in another direction and requested a different approach. As I prepared a new solution, the deadline was looming to have the project complete. I found myself unable to meet a hard deadline and my price was ten percent high.

When my customer called, he apologized for the long, drawn out process and said the ten percent deficit was not an issue but asked what I could do to meet the deadline. I respectfully told him the truth. I could not meet the deadline and that he should buy from my competition. It was a difficult decision but the right one for him.

I have no concern about having a chance when he does another project because I treated him the way I would want to be treated and he understood that.

I did not lose my customer. I just lost that sale. There is a big difference.

Knowing why you lost the sale is important and there could be many reasons. You may not always be at fault. Here are some reasons to consider when you lose a sale:

  • Price: Sometimes the customer does not see the added value of your expertise or better quality of your product and is just looking for the best price. You have to decide how you will represent your product in the marketplace.
  • Talk to the decision maker: If you are making your best pitch to the wrong person, the proper message may not get conveyed to the real decision maker. Ask who needs to be involved from the beginning and get them together.
  • Change of personnel: Many companies have turn over and the new person may not know who you are and what you can do for them. Stay close to your customers and meet new people as early as possible.
  • Bad customer experience: You may have done a great job selling the product but maybe there was a problem with the installation or execution of the project. Maybe they were billed the wrong amount and could not get it rectified. This can be a deal killer. Don’t mess with people’s money.
  • Do not get lazy: I have made this mistake by getting comfortable and thinking they will always do business with me. If you neglect a customer you are leaving an open door opportunity for the competition to come in.

Be bold but polite and ask your customer why you lost the sale. Find out what you could have done differently. This knowledge will help you serve all your customers better and you will receive the long-term financial benefits.

Have a great week!

“The Sales Moment; Issue #222″

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Do you exhibit positive energy or are you a downer bringing everyone down to your level?Businesswoman with colleagues in the background

If you want to be more successful in one-on-one communication, you must project positive energy.

Recently, while Lesa and I were having dinner, we encountered a delightful waitress that could have been the poster girl for positive energy. She seemed to genuinely enjoy her work and made our dining experience more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, many times my customer service experience consists of a poor attitude, little eye contact and I am made to feel more like a bother than an appreciated customer.

In general, positive energy can be wrapped up in a number of desirable attributes such as enthusiastic, optimistic and courteous. Low or negative energy can come from ignorance or neglect.

Many people I have coached are unaware of the negative signal their body language is sending. Others have created habits through their thinking and association. In either case, it can be overcome by taking the proper steps.

Here are four steps you can consider today to improve your energy:

  1. Energy can be non-verbal. Your body language may be the strongest indicator of your energy. Dan Miller advises people to think up. Stand or sit up straight. Smile and walk a little faster than normal. Don’t look down and shuffle your feet. Appear that you are going somewhere.
  2. Exercise and get plenty of rest. I struggle with my energy when I have neglected my exercise routine and do not get at least seven to eight hours sleep. Even a brisk walk can get the blood flowing. You will be amazed how your energy increases and your mind will become more focused and sharp.
  3. Avoid people that bring you down. Associate with people that bring you up. I am surrounded with a group of close friends that when I speak with them, I always feel better. That is a choice I have made.
  4. Start your day on a positive note. Avoid filling your head with a daily dose of negativity and despair by starting your day with the news. Choose how your day begins by reading or listening to something positive and uplifting.

Regardless if you are in sales, interviewing for a new job or simply want to improve the quality of your relationships, your energy can make all the difference.

Your attitude has a profound effect on the quality of your life and how people respond to you. If you want to be more successful at influencing people in a positive way, then invest the time it takes to create energy that draws people to you.

Have a great week!


Season Six, Episode Twelve


Join Pierce Marrs and Steve Hayes as they recap Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 12….The Christmas Episode!

Join  Sharks Lori, Barbara, Kevin, Mark and Robert to review:

– Mensch on a Bench

– Eve Drop

– Q Flex

– Hoppy Paws

– An update on Hanukkah Tree Topper

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You can contact Pierce and Steve or comment by going to the “About Page”.  Or Call and leave a question or audio feedback at 615-59-COACH or 615-592-6224.

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