My life’s journey is one of resilience, tenacity, and the discovery of the incredible power of connection. I stand today as a testament to the belief that hardships can forge not just character but also vision.


I'm Pierce Marrs

Committed family man, Executive Coach, speaker, sales professional, certified DISC Consultant, and lover of big dogs.


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My Story.

I am the grandson of sharecroppers and the son of blue-collar parents that taught me the importance of hard work but nothing about how to achieve my dreams. When I was sixteen years old, sharing a twin bed with my brother in a single wide trailer, my parents divorced. I found myself on my own to finish high school and find my way with little direction and support. I was scared but determined.

While finishing high school, I worked in a grocery store and lived wherever I could. I am forever grateful to the friends who gave me a place to sleep. I did not realize at the time but God put people in my life to guide me.

While dating my future wife, Lesa, I met a man who forever changed my future. He was a professional salesperson who was at the top of his game. He believed I could succeed in sales as well. He gave me the book How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This triggered a lifetime of personal development and learning. His mentorship and this book forever changed the way I look at building relationships and communication.

In 1986, I lost my quality control job in an automotive parts factory. I was devastated. However, what I thought was defeat turned out to be a blessing. My mentor insisted I move my young family into his spare bedroom in Franklin, TN. It was there I began my first full commission sales job.

I succeeded some and failed a lot but started understanding the power of connective communication.

I moved from that first sales job to work in customer service, inside sales, Regional Manager, VP of Sales, until I was hired as a sales representative for the largest company in the industry.

My company recognized my ability to build strong relationships and made me Strategic Account Manager for one of the largest companies in the world. In 2021, that company surpassed one hundred million dollars in sales.

In the past twelve years I have increased my income seven fold.

During that same time, I have worked with numerous leaders to create a productive, cohesive team while building strong relationships with their greatest asset, their customers.

I have also had the honor of teaching college students the power of connective communication to help them get a proper start as I did.

What happened during the forty years since I left that single-wide trailer that allowed me to pull myself from an impoverished childhood to achieve this type of success?

I have clearly identified three choices:

  1. Personal Development: Never stop learning and moving forward.
  2. Pier Group: Link arms with people going where I want to go.
  3. Mastering the art of Connective Communication.

My goal is to help leaders develop stronger relationships with their teams and clients to gain traction and increase profitability. I want you to connect, not just communicate with your team and clients.

Pierce resides in Thompsons Station, TN with Lesa, his wife of thirty-eight years, and his two English Mastiffs, Doc, and Jones.

Why I Do It

Growing up as the grandson of sharecroppers, I witnessed the tenacity of hard work, but also the challenges that come without the right tools and guidance. My early experiences, from navigating my parents' divorce to forging my path in the sales and communication realm, constantly reminded me of the power of connection and leadership.

After decades of mastering connective communication and watching its transformative effects, I recognized the universal need for it in the business world. Many leaders, like my younger self, yearn for effective ways to communicate, inspire, and lead but might lack the roadmap to get there. And so, I became devoted to imparting the lessons I learned, to empower leaders and teams to connect deeper, communicate clearer, and create lasting impacts.


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